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I’m not very good at doing these until late at night.  It has been a busy, busy week for me!  I rarely have time to get a great shot, technically or creatively speaking…but, I do like to pick the shots that tell a story.  This old kerosene lamp, which needs a good dusting, belonged to Kris’s (my hubby) grandmother.  She passed away in January of this year, and we have missed her so, so much.  I have been thinking about her alot lately, and how every major decision I made in my adult life was pretty heavily influenced by her, whether she knew it or not.  Kris and I dated through my junior and senior year in high school and when I started college, the stress of separation (Kris was older and out of college) and the fact that I was newly liberated from my parents and restriction, ha, caused us to take a break.  What brought us back together was his 85 year old grandmother’s scheduled triple bypass heart surgery…yep..she was a tough old gal…survived it with more spunk than before she went for the surgery.  I loved his family and was there for him during that time…as a friend, but we got back together through that…and we got engaged shortly thereafter.  After we’d been married just a little over a year, my grandfather passed away…family is and always has been extremely important to us.  Kris never really knew either of his grandfathers, one passed before he was born and the other when he was a toddler.  I had always had all of my grandparents in my life, losing my first when I was 14, and my second was my grandfather, I was 20.  That is when we started talking about having kids…I wasn’t ready for marriage really, and definitely not ready for kids, BUT we didn’t want our kids not to know our remaining grandparents and vice versa.  We decided to try…and we got pregnant immediately.  We went to have bloodwork done just to be sure…and we told everyone we knew…within the week of finding out, I miscarried and had to tell all those people that we’d JUST told we were having a baby, that we no longer were.  Thankfully and blessfully, we got pregnant again in a few months…shockingly with twins.  Kris’s grandmother told me I was having twins…I thought she was a crazy old woman, but turns out she knew something we didn’t because she was right.  Let me say there is really no family history of twins on either side of our families…so how she could have such an intuition was beyond me. 

 Last December, right before Kris’s grandmother passed away, Kris and I were having some major marital problems…I guess just the normal stuff…we were stressed because Kris had a crummy job and we had two toddlers…things were falling apart and I was thinking about moving out…and then in early January Kris’s grandmother passed away…and again, she managed to bring us together.  This woman blessed our life in so many ways…she was somehow responsible for our marriage coming and staying together and for the birth of our children.  An amazing woman to say the least…and this year has been so tough without her, but has definitely been the best year in mine and Kris’s marriage and I know its because she is in heaven shining her love down on us!  My goodness…I didn’t mean to write a book again…but I just had to share the blessings that “Mamaw Sis” was and will always be in our lives.



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Ok..I almost didn’t make this post.  We left this morning to go out for the day…we made 3 picture deliveries to clients, got some lunch (Sarah and I), then took “our” lunch to McDonald’s and bought the kids lunch there.  HA!  They played for a good hour or more on the playground while we relaxed.  After that we did a little shopping, as the girls desperately needed some new warm clothes.  Maddie informed me a few days ago that Moses also needed warm pants…she says its “winterly” outside!  I love my Gracie…I hate to always share the Maddie tales, but she is the entertainer of the family. Anyhoo…While I was trying shoes on them, my phone rang and my sister said, “what time will you guys be coming?”  And then it hit me…oh crap!  Today is her birthday and we are suppose to have dinner with them!  So I leave straight from the store and drop Sarah and her little girl off…It was a good hour from the town we were shopping in to my parent’s house…eek.  So I finally got home tonight at 8:30, grabbed a shower, and watched “lipstick jungle” and as I went to check on the girls, this is what I found.  That is when I thought…AAAAHHH!!!  MY 365 BLOG!  But hey…this shot made a great story…they are sleeping with their feet under their table over their air vent…nice and toasty.  That black thing running over Maddie’s legs is the arm of the chair, and the red corner is the table, ha!  I didn’t even move them…just covered them a couple hours they will come crawl up in our king size bed, lol..that is why we upgraded from a queen to a king.  Anyways..I AM EXHAUSTED…couldn’t tell by this book of a post I just wrote.  Goodnight!  Its only 10:35 here, no matter what my time stamp says on my blog, b/c I haven’t set it yet…I made day two…just barely, but I did!

Ok…I caved…1/365

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I did it.  I started a 365 blog.  I cannot believe I’m making this commitment, but I am.  I can’t make promises that I won’t miss a day here and there. 

So for my first post, I thought about what I should snap a picture of…and as I looked on my fridge…I saw it.  I saw this picture of the girls when they were 2 days old right beside a recent picture of them.  After my eyes quit watering, ha, I knew this was the perfect way to kick off this blog.  What an amazing (almost) 3 years with them!  Just an FYI…the girls are opposite in the pictures…in the newborn shot thats Gracie on the left and Maddie on the right, but in the recent shot its Maddie on the left and Gracie on the right.  🙂

I’m sure I’ll win the “most boring 365 blog” award…but thanks for stopping by! 🙂