A very happy early birthday to me.  Its 3 weeks early but my hubby thought I might want my present early.  🙂  I thought it was very sweet of him!  🙂  I am no macro shooter…thats probably EXTREMELY obvious…the picture stinks, I know…but I try.  🙂  (its one of those diamondaura rings…looks great though…I’m really proud of it!!)


6 Responses to “6/365”

  1. ooo pretty pretty shiny shiny!

  2. Oh I love it, Melissa!

  3. Well…it’s oof 😉

    Lol, nice birthday present!

  4. lissabell365 Says:

    I know its oof Eric…I cannot shoot macro with my 50mm no matter how hard I try…and Sarah has the 24-70. 🙂

  5. Beeeeeeeeautiful!!! What a sweet hubby!

  6. Stunning… Can I have the rocks??? LOL

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