You know..I just knew that by the time Sunday had gotten here, that with no more sicklings in this house, we were in the clear…WRONG!  Kris woke up in the middle of the night…very sick.  And guess who was sleeping right between us?  Twin no. one, Maddie…so I’m sure its just a matter of time before she catches it and passes it along to twin no. two, Gracie.  (btw, thats their birth order…not rank of importance, lol…it could be the order of who is most mischevious though!)  Maddie has been BAD today…and Gracie has been no angel..I guess its just because I’ve been trying to keep them extra quiet so Kris could rest.  So…this afternoon, in an attempt to have some fun outside, we had a little photop and playtime.  It was a really nice break from being cooped up inside fighting the virus! 

After I submitted this post, I remembered, I took an image just for this blog…doh!  When we were walking in this afternoon, our “neighbors” were peaking at us…that would be the horses.  My husband’s Uncle and Aunt have horses…our backyard is fenced off from their pasture.  🙂 


4 Responses to “8/365”

  1. Well, you were wondering what you were going to do with your free time this week, I think you found your answer, lol!

  2. Aw, I hope everyone gets better at your home. Cute little angles you have there and I wish I had your neighbors.

  3. Very nice shots! Do you suppose the horses were saying “Awww…how cute!”?

  4. They are so cute! Love the horses!

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