My thoughts on the election…

Odds are some of you might not like this, but I’m sick of the hate and anger surrounding the election of our new president…and no, I’m not an Obama supporter, but here are my thoughts on the matter…I really need to say this…

This country needed prayer long before this election…I think we all need to focus a little less on being angry and more on being Christians!

No, I’m not jumping for joy that Obama is President…I don’t stand for many of the same things he does, BUT, no matter what he stands for…no matter what choices are made available to Americans, pro choice or pro life, gay marriage or no gay marriage…ultimately, people still have a choice. WE are in control of making sure that we follow God’s will no matter what is set in front of us! We have the choice to sin or not to sin everyday…we need to let go of this anger…get on your knees and start praying! We need to pray for our new president…pray that God will take hold of him and help him lead this country in the right direction…maybe its a long shot, but maybe its not, but the shape of this country is not on Obama’s shoulders..its been this way for a long time, and our lack of prayer and trust in God is what got in the shape we are in! PRAY! God is in control of all of this…so humble yourselves before HIM and understand that He has a plan…we are at God’s mercy..not the presidents.


5 Responses to “My thoughts on the election…”

  1. So true Melissa. I’m in the same boat, not jumping for joy, but sick of the hate. I few people need to remember some of God’s words, and rethink a few things.

  2. Amen, Sister! We are commanded to pray for our leaders…we need to get busy.

  3. You’re ABSOLUTELY right…thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Thank you for iterating my thoughts exactly!

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