Sunday morning, Kris and I took the girls to a local place called “little mountain” where there is a nature trail.  Its always gorgeous there this time of year, and we have been struggling with the girls and church.  They hate the nursery and if we take them to “big church” then I never hear anything the preacher says…so we decided to start doing a Bible study, at least for a while.   So thats why we went here..to enjoy the scenery and do our study.  The girls LOVED it…there is a spring that runs out of the mountain, so we took their little barbie cups and let them drink some of it.  Maddie said, “Mount water makes her tall.”  🙂  It was a fun morning!kandgirls


4 Responses to “13/365”

  1. I looks like a lovely, serene place.

  2. Cute! Love the fall colors!

  3. What a nice image and a nice story. Church can be such a struggle, what a wonderful way to enjoy your faith.

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