Its an off day… Let me break down my day…

It rained all day.

Mysteriously my lights were left on and my van wouldn’t crank.

I had to pick up my husband from work because he had to work overtime, but his brother didn’t.  They rotate driving to work to split the gas. 

I had to get groceries.

I had to pay $200 for gravel.

My sister went to the ER and scared us a little.  They think she had a cyst to rupture…will know for sure tomorrow.  On a good note..she just turned 15 and made a 20 on her ACT…first time taking it.

Two convicts were loose and being chased down behind my house today…Not something that EVER happens.

AND, Eric bullies me almost daily…I had to edit part of this comment..he threatened to not be my friend anymore if I didn’t.

So, I am sorry for the lack of a photo.


5 Responses to “16/365”

  1. I plead innocent. Not that you can say the same…

  2. lissabell365 Says:


  3. I’m sorry it was a rough day. But, on a bright note, your post painted a picture of a difficult day…so you still have a picture here! I hope Thursday is a wonderful day for you!

  4. The sun’ll come out tomorrow! 🙂

  5. Awww…I’m sorry for the rough day. Hopefully the rain today will make the sun tomorrow seem even brighter.

    Tess, thanks a lot…now I have “Annie” in my head. 😉

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