So I’m a creative slacker at times…but behold my favorite snack.  I love all things dill pickle!  If there was a dill pickle gum, I might even chew it! girls111-7726


6 Responses to “17/365”

  1. Those look good! Have you had fried pickles? Yummy!

  2. ooh yes! Tess…I promise you..if its pickle related..I’ve eaten it! LOL

  3. I know you always are eating pickels, but, isn’t this a little much, LOL

  4. Dill pickle gum? That would be so nasty!! I like dill pickles, too…but that’s going a bit far!

  5. Pickled onion…eggs..gerkins, yum,yum

  6. LOL I like a good pickle every now and then. Who doesn’t?

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