We NEVER can make it until after Thanksgiving to put up our Christmas tree…tonight was the night, ha.  While we were decorating the tree, Gracie refused to put any ornaments on except fot the “ice cream” ones…which were a set of ornaments that actually are kinda shaped like an ice cream cones. So I grabbed the camera and the girls and made them stop and smile, lol…the fakest smiles I’ve ever seen.  And the tree looked brighter in camera but on the computer looked more like stars…when I was converting them, Maddie asked me if that was outerspace, ha!  The second picture is the real them…with Maddie’s eye crossing abilties.



5 Responses to “18/365”

  1. Oh My! This is so cute! I’m waiting until St. Nick’s Day to decorate. Maybe then I’ll get in the mood!

  2. We always do our tree on the first Saturday in December. I’m looking forward to it too! I love both of these shots – the fake smiles are cute, and the real personalities are hilarious! You have beautiful girls!!

  3. Yay, getting to where I can tell them apart 🙂

  4. Way to go with getting the tree up! And what a feat to have trained 2 year olds to even give you a good fake smile that doesn’t look like they’re saying “CHEEEEEEESE” or staring at the sun! YAY for the holidays!

  5. Lovely, xmas tree……………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh that time again, empty the bank balance and hided the cc, “I hate christmas” I should start a blog titled that he,he

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