Regretfully I say…

I HATE…HATE…not finishing something.  I’m OCD…and I can barely stand to skip a day…but I cannot do this anymore…seems like such a small commitment, but I literally cannot function right now.  I just can’t have anymore on me…and this blog has begun to seem like another thing that I have to get done…when in reality its just a fun challenge…one that I have failed.  Case in point…I will be 24 on Sunday…and look at my poor little self below…the exhaustion is showing..I took this at 11:45 or so last night because I could feel how bad I looked, ha.  So I’m sorry…Regretfully I say…the 365 is over for me.



7 Responses to “Regretfully I say…”

  1. Aw, Melissa, I’m so sorry! We’ll miss you but maybe when you feel a little more rested you can jump back in. 🙂

  2. Gonna miss ya in this endeavor. But feel free to jump back in if things get less stressful. Lol.

  3. Sorry to hear it has become a chore rather than fun. Don’t feel like you cant share something with us because you are not going to hit all 365 days. Share when you can and when you want to.

  4. Sorry to hear Melissa, but I know how busy you’ve been, and I will miss your books (err, posts)

    Hope you can start it up when it get’s less crazy

  5. I can understand that Melissa. I hope that things settle down for you soon, not for the 365, but for your own sanity. Take care of yourself. I’ll be praying for you.

  6. We’ll still be here for ya if you can do it later! I stopped for a few months & just started back up. Do what’s best for your beautiful family & enjoy the holidays! 🙂

  7. I just caught this, Melissa. I feel so bad for your exhausted self 😦 I hope the holidays have brought you some rest and rejuvenation! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you pick back up after a while!

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