Regretfully I say…

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I HATE…HATE…not finishing something.  I’m OCD…and I can barely stand to skip a day…but I cannot do this anymore…seems like such a small commitment, but I literally cannot function right now.  I just can’t have anymore on me…and this blog has begun to seem like another thing that I have to get done…when in reality its just a fun challenge…one that I have failed.  Case in point…I will be 24 on Sunday…and look at my poor little self below…the exhaustion is showing..I took this at 11:45 or so last night because I could feel how bad I looked, ha.  So I’m sorry…Regretfully I say…the 365 is over for me.




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We NEVER can make it until after Thanksgiving to put up our Christmas tree…tonight was the night, ha.  While we were decorating the tree, Gracie refused to put any ornaments on except fot the “ice cream” ones…which were a set of ornaments that actually are kinda shaped like an ice cream cones. So I grabbed the camera and the girls and made them stop and smile, lol…the fakest smiles I’ve ever seen.  And the tree looked brighter in camera but on the computer looked more like stars…when I was converting them, Maddie asked me if that was outerspace, ha!  The second picture is the real them…with Maddie’s eye crossing abilties.



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So I’m a creative slacker at times…but behold my favorite snack.  I love all things dill pickle!  If there was a dill pickle gum, I might even chew it! girls111-7726


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Its an off day… Let me break down my day…

It rained all day.

Mysteriously my lights were left on and my van wouldn’t crank.

I had to pick up my husband from work because he had to work overtime, but his brother didn’t.  They rotate driving to work to split the gas. 

I had to get groceries.

I had to pay $200 for gravel.

My sister went to the ER and scared us a little.  They think she had a cyst to rupture…will know for sure tomorrow.  On a good note..she just turned 15 and made a 20 on her ACT…first time taking it.

Two convicts were loose and being chased down behind my house today…Not something that EVER happens.

AND, Eric bullies me almost daily…I had to edit part of this comment..he threatened to not be my friend anymore if I didn’t.

So, I am sorry for the lack of a photo.


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Silly Girls 🙂


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That just seemed so much more…ok seriously, Gracie found this picture today…she said, “look at this little boy momma.”  I looked at the picture…”gracie, thats not a boy..that is momma when she was a little girl!”  She looked again and replied (in a tone of confusion) “you had a little boy head?” 

yeah…I literally didn’t have any hair till I was about 3…when I DID have hair it was all ringlets..Like shirley temple curls…but it was a LONG wait getting them.  Kris had his first haircut at 4 months…so our kids kinda evened out in hair, thankfully…and they also didn’t get those mudflaps, ahem, ears, of mine either! 🙂  Thankfully I grew into those, also!  🙂girls111-8250


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Sunday morning, Kris and I took the girls to a local place called “little mountain” where there is a nature trail.  Its always gorgeous there this time of year, and we have been struggling with the girls and church.  They hate the nursery and if we take them to “big church” then I never hear anything the preacher says…so we decided to start doing a Bible study, at least for a while.   So thats why we went enjoy the scenery and do our study.  The girls LOVED it…there is a spring that runs out of the mountain, so we took their little barbie cups and let them drink some of it.  Maddie said, “Mount water makes her tall.”  🙂  It was a fun morning!kandgirls